Hi, I’m Elizabeth.

This is my online studio where I write about:

  • My creative process as an artist and writer

  • Dreams that keep me up at night

  • Things I bake or cook

  • Life

A little about me:

  • I’m currently on a sabbatical from my 8 year long career as an architect, archiving my time off through writing online.

  • As an artist, I paint portraits, draw mandalas, and occasionally photograph. Check out my website for all these things: elizabethedwards.site

  • I analyze art on twitter: twitter.com/ElzbthEdwrds

  • If you’re interested in Branding Services, click here.

  • Suburban strolls with my dog keeps me grounded 🖤 ⬇

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A place where I write about my creative process, dreams, and life.


Elizabeth Edwards

✨Artist / Writer / Photographer / Architect ✨