"Nowadays, I forge paintings." This is a great line.

Elizabeth, there is a lot I could say about the creative aspects of this piece - but the thing that struck me is that could have been a lot longer, and said the same thing. That you took me (the reader) for a nice ride and communicated your message in a beautiful, succinct, and tight manner - was a great accomplishment.

Way to go.


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You do a great job describing the subtle differences between the Mona Lisas, and I love your line about the pseudonym of “precedent study.” Great work!

Now I may just have to forge Emerson’s “Self-Reliance.”

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Your storytelling is so playful and inviting. I love how you bring the lesson to life by walking us through the gallery and giving us a peek inside your forging experiences. I enjoy seeing the world through your painter's perspective.

I used to struggle with expressing myself through personal attire, so I started replicating fashion bloggers and stylists. Eventually, I discovered my own style. You beautifully remind me that forging the creatives we admire helps us discover our style. It helps us refine the ways we express our own creativity.

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Tier S life lesson right there! So glad to see the disco ball back too haha, thinking about the glitter always brings a grin to my face LOL Forging is surely the greatest way to learn from the master artisans. Your encounter with forged Mona Lisa is such a great story! I can see that as an opening in another heist comedy haha :D

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Elizabeth! Looks like we were writing along the same idea wavelength! I love how clear yet entertaining this essay was–I barely blinked! I also loved your study of Sari Shryack. The dumb question I have is what surface did you paint this in?

ps. I still owe you showing you my paintings!

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Such a good learning and life lesson. Exchange of learning is meant to be shared and celebrated! I appreciate your piece and sharing such a great and concise example. 🙌✨

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I love this.

Is it weird that I want a floorpan drawn by you? They’re so cool. Wait, are they by hand??

Also, have you ever read about Van Gogh’s experiences with copying/studying other artists?

I like that he copied woodcuts, but did painted versions of them. I love that idea of copying, but switching up the medium.

Hmm. What about forging one’s OWN work? 🤔

Perhaps, one day, I will learn how to paint by forging an Elizabeth Edwards original masterpiece?

I’ve always resonated with Courbet’s self portrait because he looks so distressed lol I feel that.

Disco balls<3

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