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Reading this now hits just as good as it did the last time I read it.

“While I anxiously anticipated the journey ahead, a group of girls appeared and tried to force an unwilling pup into a tote bag. We all laughed when the pup accepted its fate as a new accessory.”

Even though this isn’t a main part of the story, this is one of my favorite moments because:

1.) It makes me laugh/smile

2.) I can imagine this happening and I like it

3.) Sometimes, specifically when my anxiety is high, the universe will present me with one of these tiny and unexpected moments, like this, that grounds and calms me, like the universe being like, “Hey, you’re good. Here’s a cute puppy! Now chill the fuck out.” And without realizing it, background moments like this, propel my mood, mindset, and the rest of the day in a better direction, making them not very tiny moments after all. I question how serendipitous they are, I like to think the universe truly schemes for me.

& I love this story because avoiding things out of caution is so relatable and I think a lot of people can connect with the idea of something seemingly simple, like a trip to Jersey, feeling overwhelming difficult to do because of past experiences. Simple things can bring a lot of people so much dread. And it’s one of those things where someone on the outside could easily look at it on the surface without knowing the why it’s difficult, completely not get it and think, what’s the big deal? And I think that’s generally especially true for the person navigating the difficult thing because it feels like it shouldn’t be that hard. But within the greater context, it only makes sense.

And more than that, this shows that it is often possible to do that seemingly simple, but overwhelming difficult thing. And that’s why sharing stories, especially ones like this, is so important. So thank you for writing and sharing it!

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Enjoyed this a lot Elizabeth! What a great reminder to "get uncomfortable", and all the good that comes out of it. Made me think of the many situations where I dreaded to go, from a party to a trip, but pushed through and are now great memories.

Loved all the "mundane" details and they pull you in the moment, and especially the tender section about holding the baby and all the parenting reflections you had after that.

Glad you put down into words this Jersey trip, and also glad you're not that afraid to there anymore! Haha

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Ah I relate so much to car sickness and dreading long trips specifically with my parents who loveeee a road trip. Also to cute little babies! Can I also say I’m a big fan of the photos and the little details in your essay like the separators.

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Loved this piece, Elizabeth. Kind of a departure from your other, more "technical" ones. And I particularly love the little drawings in between paragraphs, like the little sun. I guess you made those yourself.

"I pictured first time parents with a newborn exhausted, freaking out, hair defying gravity, with shit everywhere (figuratively, and literally). But that was not really the case here. Mom and Dad were tired, but put together." -- this is very true. Becoming a parent gives you so much energy and that's counter-intuitive given the multiplication of tasks and responsibilities that a newborn brings along. Very well put and nice reflection.

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Thank you Silvio!! I really appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed this one =)

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