Speaking to my soul, Elizabeth. We share a similar aesthetic. The paintings and rooms you selected are some of my favourites too. I would spend hours here happily. I was a walk away, however, not a bus ride.

Later, I would bring my kids here. They loved the armory section downstairs, and the greek statues and the American Garden.

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Jan 6, 2023Liked by Elizabeth Edwards

“Attempting to stand in the artist’s shoes, I press play on the paused moment they captured in time, and experience the scene they’ve created for us.”

*chefs kiss*

Like Van Gogh, Degas, and Monet, you’re a skilled painter with both, paint and words, giving us a vivid portrait of the MET and the immersive experience within it.

& channeling your best Patti Smith, we love to see it.

Now take me to the MET!

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New life goal unlocked: go to museums with Elizabeth Edwards.

Until then, and I'm sure long after, I'll be enjoying these.

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Wow! Viewing a museum through your lens (and beautiful writing) is a next level experience. I never thought about how the room or frames play a part in the overall experience.

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+1 to my "Now take me to the MET!"

I still love this one. I also just got a flashback to when we were working through it together and brainstorming titles.

Also, Degas made me giggle because I was thinking about Place de la Concorde and I know someone who cannot stand it compositionally because it looks too random to be normal life random; the way everyone standing there is looking in different directions, the umbrella looking like it's coming out of that child's head, etc. lol

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