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I admire you starting over with the disco ball! That's such an underrated skill to have.

And loved what you did with Michelle's Build a Wealthy Spirit! I want to have a podcast just so you help me with the branding haha

Keep these Drawing Boards coming!

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Congratulations on #10!!! 🎉🎉 We love to see it :)

& so proud of you for getting back into the newsletter/writing game.

You're doing such a great job and it's a joy to see you sharing your journey and witnessing how you’ve started playing with your newsletter more. I wonder how different this will be in 10 more editions or 100!

“I guess this disco ball likes grids as much as I do?”

This still makes me giggle. GRIDS.

“This disco ball had potential. I needed to paint it.”

I can sense your anticipation to paint this disco ball. And I love how you’re keeping this disco ball energy going strong. I think you need to become a human disco ball too.

But where would YOUR forever home be?

Also, I really like how much of your personality pokes through in your writing, even in just those few lines alone. A lot of the time, I can literally imagine you actually saying some of the stuff you write.

At some point, I really do need to put your recipes to use. If you decide to keep sharing more recipes, it would be cool to see a picture of how the food turns out when you make them. I wanna see how you serve it in your aesthetically pleasing bowels!

SO many more editions of TDB to look forward to.

I’m excited to keep following along on your newsletter and creative journey.

I love seeing your updates about what you’re working on here, but mostly, I love seeing your artwork. It's my favorite.


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Beautiful piece! But you had me hooked at killer tofu. Oh ey oh killer tofuuuuu!

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