Thanks for sharing your 11 questions. I 100% relate to the one on commenting without feeling intellectually intimidated.

Your ducks are precious. Someone told me ducks are monogamous lol. I love looking at your painting of these lovebirds πŸ¦†πŸ¦†

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Hmmm a few of My Thoughts:

4: I vote through the power of storytelling & creative writing!

6: Maybe the best words you can offer someone sometimes [about their writing] is something honest, kind, and encouraging, not the smartest. Remind yourself that people are generally happy to have anyone engage with their writing to begin with and that you’re actually legitimately doing them a favor by choosing to engage with it at all. Time and attention are costly! As the consumer, you have the power.

8/9: Remind yourself that you already are important, not small, and very worthy. It is a fact! Then sign up for daily affirmations delivered straight to you from your friend Sandra so she can remind you. She has so many for you.

11. Because we must. The world is better for it and so are we. [At least this is what I'm choosing to believe]

Question: does this art teacher only carry the WORST quality photos to offer you?? Like?? The fact that anything could be painted from the snowy tree photo and this one amazes me. You are so skilled. But is she trying to make you paint on Hard Mode? Can I get your class better photos?

I love how sing-songy this reads: I was captivated by this image and inspired to paint it in a whimsical way. And I enjoyed painting this so much that I finished it in one day.

Question: Aside from the color constraints, and the simple composition, I’m wondering what mentally helped you paint this in a day? Especially when the head was blending into the water? What was different this time?

I’m feeling a particular fondness for the soft water at the bottom of the painting. Ooh. More palette pics, please<3 It's fun.

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I never knew ducks could be so beautiful

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I love your questions! #3 is pretty much what I’m trying to figure out as well. And I think about #11 pretty often!

I love the walkthrough of the duck painting! Makes me want to paint again!

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They are so lucky to have you on an already stacked team of editors! Love the gif, what a way to visualize the changes. I laughed at your blue paint comparisons. The final painting is gorgeous! It's so awesome to see the progress of your painting laid out and broken down. I really appreciate that you document it and capture it so well here.

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That gif 🀩

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Wow! Your color palette has such a pleasant combination and I can totally see it become a painting itself! And to my eyes, each color combination in your layers of the duck painting is so visually stunning!

(and now you are keeping us hanging on the cliff of your 12th question LOL)

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