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Your FAQ feels like it was from a million years ago. I liked rereading it, now, as a friend instead of as a stranger with zero context. But I still have the same thoughts when I read it this time, as I did initially, one of them essentially still being, “This person sounds interesting, I want to know them.”

Weird to have you on the other side of things.

I don’t know how to respond to your response to what I expressed because I’m still wrapping my head around my own thoughts and feelings about executing on my own vision of everything inside me that I want to get out.

But what you shared resonates with me a lot. Minus the wildly slapping the brush :)

On one hand, how exciting to have so much inside that wants to be taken out. On the other, why won’t it come out right?

This sentiment haunts me forever:

“The status quo is to get something good enough to get it out the door. Just ship it. Move quickly, improve quickly.  How is it possible to improve if you’re not taking the time to do in-depth research, reflecting on what you learned, and doing multiple cycles of producing, getting feedback (internally and externally), and re-iterating?”

Maybe I’m not as free as I’d like to be.

P.S. Thank you for bringing your Liz essence into Sunday Candy. I wonder if anyone can correctly guess which songs I chose vs the ones you chose on our playlist. Is it obvious? 💙

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Such a powerful duo, you two!

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I love this reflection. I was wondering if being able to paint like a “human photocopy machine” gave you enough mastery to then adopt a freer Impressionist style?

I get the feeling that artists first have to master things like symmetry, shading, photorealism, to then paint in their unique style. It’s one of the hang ups I have of my painting at least.

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Thanks Camilo! Maybe, I think that it helps in learning how to get the proportions right. But it takes waaay more time to do that while painting in a super realistic style.


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Haha, I'll DM you my infantile paintings on Twitter 😅.

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"I wonder if the images are constantly evolving as I wildly slap my brush around. Every brush stroke is a response to what I see in my head."

Awwww this, SO MUCH THIS. This is the creative process of so many of us, and you speak so eloquently about it! Thank you for sharing another peek into your artistic mind, I appreciate it! =)

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Thank you Helen <3 I will continue to share for you <3

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Amazing piece Elizabeth.

“I wonder if the images are constantly evolving as I wildly slap my brush around. Every brush stroke is a response to what I see in my head. Then the image in my head reacts to each brush stroke. The cycle continues over and over. Adapt, respond. Adapt, respond… It’s like there’s a conversation between the canvas and my mind as I paint. And the final painting is where I (we?) end the conversation.” This was just an all-around beautiful paragraph. It was evocative and also sort of entrancing.

Really enjoyed this peek into the mind of an artist. Thanks for sharing!

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