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Honestly, I like all the ideas. So write all of them XD

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Thanks Ishan!! Will do just for you =)

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I voted for the sabbatical essay, but I'm equally curious about the architecture students 😏

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I want to read all three!!

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I’m assuming these will all be done at some point but my general thoughts:

For the journey to Brooklyn were you thinking of going with a more creative writing slant, heavier on the storytelling and possibly fiction?

I think that would be fun to play with for that story. These lil journeys would make for a fun series.

Still very into the essays or essayS on the architecture students. That sounds like it could be a monstrous essay, though. But a comparison of your experience and their experience would be fascinating and your thoughts on not just the current state of it, but where it’s going forward and why that matters.

You’ve already heard my thoughts on the third and I’m very excited to read that if you do end up writing around it, but you know what, I’m also interested to see what new thoughts and feelings come up when your sabbatical ends and you are in the thick of it all. Will your feelings change around your relationship to creativity and your creative practices? We’ll see!

“I find it extremely satisfying to cut these sentences or paragraphs out completely.  That’s right - click, drag, DELETE.  The lack of emotional attachment to my work, plus the ability to easily archive and duplicate a draft, makes this process really easy.”

Is this still true? Is there a lack of emotional attachment to your writing now?

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