I loved your feature in the famous Sunday Candy AND Rychelle did a kick a$$ job with her rendition of your grandfathers house. Artist supporting artist supporting artist, I’m so here for it!

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“It’s actually my favorite newsletter. I find myself constantly refreshing my inbox every other Sunday, excited for the next issue to land.”

Staaaaaaaaahp. 🙈

Your playlist is one of my favorites, at this point it’s burned into my brain from the amount of times I’ve listened to it since we finished it! I even listened to it on loop all weekend while thinking about Sunday Candy. The vibe is literal perfection. So happy I got to have you as the first person ever to contribute to Sunday Candy.

Love Rychelle’s art. And I was looking at that picture of your house and I think you really need to paint your own version too. The cotton candy sky, the cutie teeny tiny moon peaking through, and the light fixtures (?) that look like fireflies surrounded by that warm yellow glow are begging to be painted by you! Like???? I’m also extremely enamored with that patio. It's beautiful.

Also, I love that you captured and shared the design process. As someone who completely avoids or tries to avoid writing about and sharing my own process for anything I do but loves seeing other people’s processes, it’s such a joy. Literally making me question why I don't put more effort into sharing process stuff despite how often I get asked questions around it.

Can't wait to watch you crush your workshop. ✨

P.S. The color theme with the dividers is looking 🤌🏻

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Love seeing your creativity unfold, Elizabeth. Your art, in all its forms, is a treat. You, Rychelle, and Sandra inspire me.

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