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Man your life is art itself!

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Glitter all the way! ;P

Love your art analysis (props to Angie for uploading the vid!) and I look forward to keep learning from you about visuals. I absolutely suck at everything visual so your analysis is very enlightening <3

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I'd say no glitter! The tones are already great.

I found The Forgery Show and the whole idea to learn by forging the masters intriguing. It probably build off a great base and then you can start experimenting and finding your own voice, right? Just like writing and that exercise we did in WOP to "imitate then innovate" great novelists.

Not the same kind of forgery, but it also made me think of this documentary: https://www.amazon.com/Beltracchi-Art-Forgery-Wolfgang/dp/B017QGUZ5U

Haha have you seen it? It's crazy to know how he accomplished to do the fake ones.

Great you found the 80-20 of doing the threads! I'm looking for that with every tweet and up not tweeting anything 😂

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My dearest favorite YouTube Star Elizabeth Edwards,

I will be going to work on designing those Zoom filters, creating my own Zoom, and I will get you that $2,000.00 Disco Ball II. COMING RIGHT UP.

“Want to try this out yourself?” Hell yeah I do. Maybe I will. Maybe I will paint the disco ball of my dreams. Maybe I will paint a human sized disco ball. Maybe I will become a disco ball.

I’m kinda obsessed with the disco ball dividers actually. It’s a genius touch. They’re so much fun, there should be disco balls in every issue. When I close my eyes to sleep tonight, I will dream of these disco ball dividers.

I love your art analysis<3

I’m excited to check this one, Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum is so enchanting.

I’mma go and admire your thread.

And I’m so happy you’re cutting back on overthinking the diagrams, you always do solid work no matter what. We must both use our pure fresh brains for good, not for overthinking!!

I like the temporary vegan journey and this Sweet Chili Lime Tofu sounds SO good.

Do you think you can build a lil twiggy donut out of these tofu bricks? I think so. Impeccable tofu diagrams. 10/10

OooOOoowweeeeeOOOOOOhhh kiiiiiilllllllerrrr Tofuuuuu 🎶🤘🏻

TDB makes me smile. 🥲 <-

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Love how your newsletter exudes so much colour & creativity! The painted disco ball is so cool. I would probably add some glitter because why not?! 🪩

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