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Love your breakdown of how the disco ball evolved! I'm learning a lot just by absorbing your creative journey. And where's the glitter that the people demanded?

Also, the tulips are gorgeous!

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I love your disco ball so much ✨ You are inspiring my evolving dream bachelorette party aesthetic, which is currently celestial babes meets disco glam 🤣 Your art makes me happy & look forward to each edition of TDB!

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LOVE the evolution of the disco ball. Even Charles Darwin himself is jealous.

NEED a photo of the super shake. Or maybe even a shot of the deconstructed elements...

NEXT you should paint the Hibiscus flower. It's wikipedia page has a wild progression of the flowers life that might inspire you.

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Um WHAT. Your tulips are gorgeous??! I’m thoroughly obsessed with the green in your painting.

*zooms in* SO LUSHHHH. How’d you do that? Do you have progress photos for that?

Marigolds next???

I love seeing the evolution of your painting! It's second best to getting to actually witness you painting.

“Making mistakes and starting over is part of the learning process. Every time you start fresh, you are not starting from nothing. Past experiences and mistakes are the foundation for future creative work.”

This point is everything. I think adopting this mindset is what can propel a person forward. Making “mistakes” is just another way to get more information to help yourself in the present and future. Being able to recognize and decide when to quit, start over, and keep going is SO crucial. I think a lot about how kids often see something not working and just drop it and move on and it’s a powerful skill. It can go the other way where they start over too soon or give up and don’t build that resilience, but often, being able to put ego aside, be patient, and do the work (and extra work) is going to have such a good payoff whether you get the results you want or not.

I WANT to inhale grandma slices. [with you]

I WANT fudgy walnut brownies. [with you]

“and helping me detach from prescriptive architect-speak.” Lololol this made me laugh

We’ll keep a lil for that corporate zest

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I would have never thought painting a disco ball would require all those steps, but you break them down so well (loved the tetris analogy haha). Glad to see you did add glitter! Since it seems like the correct choice haha.

The tulips are amazing! My mom also paints and uses a similar style, I'm sure she would love them. So cool you're doing this class with your mom, great way to spend quality time together.

And that shake sounds great!! Will have to try it sometime!

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