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I had to zoom in on Silver Francis’s painting because THOSE DETAILS. Like inside the eyeballs. Her brushstrokes and blending is magic and so delicately done. "Fluid Impressionism" is such a perfect name for her style. Also, so much blue and green in nearly all of her paintings too!! Except the “Passing Pink” skull, which is probably my least favorite because it looks so...metallic? I like that tie in of those cool colors with the theme of death/nature/life. Here for this psychedelic death/skull energy. Also umm love the specificity of wanting to use “Lisa Frank” colors. Drawing skulls is fun, but I've never tried painting them 👀

Kinda stunned that tree picture was what you were using to reference because it looks fake??? And to me, it looks…flat?? How you managed to paint what you did is a miracle.

Thank you for making it clear that’s not your mom’s knee turned into newsletter content lolol

Now drop the recipe for the Vanilla Oatmilk Ice Cream and Mango Sorbet????????

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Take Photos of The Thai!!!

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alll the recipeeeesss 🤤

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When I saw the "Godfather edition" I literally was expecting vegan recipes, but for gangsters ROFL. The literal godfather version is awesome too haha. That snow-covered tree in the snowy field is lovely! Also, glitter or not or luminescent, I'm sure readers still want to see that disco ball!

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Deeply enjoyed reading about the learnings and evolutions of your knee replacement painting, all while discovering Silver Francis which I agree is fascinating.

Also, laughed so much about the lady asking you what you've smoked 🤣 That's usually a sign you're onto something interesting 🤷‍♂️ And I did see a (mus)shroom in Francis' so you're probably coming closer to her style.

And cooking thai is your specialty?!?! I would really love to try that! And when you come to Mexico City I have to take you to my favorite restaurant ever, which style I baptized as "thai-mex", if that even exists.

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