Beautiful sunflowers, E! You’ve painted joy in full bloom 🌻

They make me think of summertime, honey sweetened iced tea, and picnicking with friends 💛

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Apr 17Liked by Elizabeth Edwards

Ohhh the bee and the sunflower! Love how it turned out, and OMG the details are astounding! And no you are NOT a terrible artist -- this essay is the sheer proof of the contrary!

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Apr 13·edited Apr 13Liked by Elizabeth Edwards

After throwing away several videos after filming it’s a great reminder to see I’m not the only one! I appreciate these so much Elizabeth.

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I'm so happy you revisited it because ITS BEAUTIFUL! I love the bee, there's something so lovely and precious about him. It's always so cool to see how your painting progresses, love the lesson here.

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Apr 13Liked by Elizabeth Edwards

Oooh Hi bby sunflower & bby bee! This is so hypnotizing to look at. I’m zooming in on EVERYTHING, by the way. ALL. THE. DETAILS.

Working on each of those details really made a huge difference. I love what the orange is doing for those petals! It’s bringing in so much warmth. It’s evoking the summer energy very strongly, but at the same time, this version feels a lil more moody with these shadows, especially when I look back at the previous iteration. I like it.

Going with dark purple was also a good call not just because it’s a complementary color but because purple is very royal! Feels appropriate for the bee, I think. And that bit of dark purple is also contributing to the mood I’m getting from this.

Alllll these details are not going unnoticed. When they come together, the impact is quite bold. Goes to show how much of a difference refining small details can make a big impact. Worth the time and energy.

The texture and the moon in the sphere is still one of my favorite aspects! You knowww, I think it would be cool to see a flower portrait that takes place at night! Or something else at night. Give us a majestic purple/blue sky as a backdrop for something??

I'm keeping these process photos burned in my brain as a reminder to continue to see things through to the end. If there’s a chance I can make anything as beautiful as this sunflower came out to be, oooh I would be SO happy. I hope you’re proud of this one (and all the things you make). The second take was totally worth it, in my opinion. <3

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What an evolution this sunflower! Happy to have been part of the ride, and just in time for spring!

Also, crazy how you accomplished that level of details! Enjoyed learning how you did.

Excited to see the new paintings!!

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