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“But I’m back, and ready to create again.”

My inbox and me are very happy.


I like the, “taking a sabbatical from my sabbatical” framing and the reminder that you can take a detour, pause, or step back at any time and it doesn’t mean it’s the end of something, or that it’s forever, it’s just what’s happening for right now and that’s okay. You can change your mind, you can change everything, you can do whatever you want. It’s all okay.

LOVE your daffodils and all the colors you incorporated, by the way. IT’S GORGEOUS and what a thoughtful gift. Love the essay idea and you exploring your painting in your writing. Just generally looking forward to my eyes getting to read more of your words. I MISS IT.

And Casper will never not blow my mind. You’re truly a wizard painter and I’m in awe of you and your patience and diligence to create something that majestic.

“Always trust the process, keep moving forward, and never give up.”

I think you're doing a great job leading by example. 💙

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Thanks Sandra <3 Your support means the world to me! I'm glad that you look forward to my posts, looking forward to blasting your inbox this year =D

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Jan 26, 2023·edited Jan 26, 2023Liked by Elizabeth Edwards

Those daffodils are dreamy and I dig it.

Your painting always inspires me and makes me think how I could make something like that happen with my camera.

So stoked you're back at it!

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Thanks Steven! Wowie, I'm so happy that you're inspired by my art!

I'm also inspired by your photography. I want to incorporate some dramatic nature into my paintings!

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The daffodils! So gorgeous!! Totally with Sandra there --- you are such a wizard painter and I'm in awe!

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